• Does your dog walk you? * when you call you dog, Do they come when they feel like it? *Does your dog get over-excited -and has no ‘off-switch’? *When the doorbell rings, does chaos reign in your home?
  • These are just some of the common problems we can help our clients resolve quickly and easily. With lasting results! See amazing changes in a short time, often as quickly as the first session!
  • Doggy Do’s & Don’ts Training focuses on the skills your dog needs to be an exceptional family member, one who looks to you for direction, and is a pleasure to be around. Get the training you need to get the dog you deserve!
  • We specialize in customizing our Training Programs to ensure your success, and we are with you every step of the way. Whether you are starting out with a new puppy, have adopted a dog, or need help to address your existing dog behavior issues – we are here to help you.

Exclusive Behaviour and Health Therapy

Introducing Two New Ways to Help Dogs

New Services

All of our programs help you with making sure your dog listens to you happily; and behaviors like jumping, pulling, barking too much, coming when they’re called or other manners around the house.  

If you need help with things like fear, anxiety, nervousness, trauma, etc.… we have something else for you!  Check out our Anxiety Answer Program.

If your dog has aches, pains, chronic ailments, allergies, or injuries (which may be even impacting their behavior and listening as well!), we can help with that too! Check out our Health & Wellness Program

Weather it’s Training, Behavior, or Health & Wellness, we’ve got you covered!

Tell us about your dog and we’ll customize a program that will set you both up for success.

Doggy Do’s and Don’ts is proud to offer:

  • Private custom Dog Training behaviour and health treatments in your home
  • puppy TRAINING
  • basic obedience Training
  • Intermediate obedience training
  • on & off leash training
  • Fearfull anxiety
  • Previous trauma
  • CHronic pain
  • recovery from injury or surgery
  • improve and support overall health


Rula and Lili, Coquitlam

Before we found Olive, we had worked for several months with a couple of trainers using private and group sessions to train our standard poodle puppy, Leo.

Although we were able to teach Leo ‘sit’, ‘down’, and other commands, he would only do them when he wanted. He would not eat on a regular schedule but instead ate only when he wanted and only in small amounts at a time. Continue Reading...

March 20, 2017

Dan and Kathryn, Delta

'Olive came highly recommended from a trusted friend whose dog had great success under Olive's care. We had a 10-month old unruly, food-aggressive, destructive, energetic and out-of-control golden-shepherd X with dog-parents (us) who were lost. We were literally 1 night away from surrendering him to the shelter, something we never thought we would ever consider. Continue Reading...

March 20, 2017

Karen Cook, Port Moody

We found Olive after we moved from a house in a very quiet mountain community to a bustling high-rise condo in Port Moody. Our dogs, Google and Brie, were never perfect – we love them in all their quirkiness – but one of our neighbours gently mentioned that they were barking ‘all the time’ when Continue Reading...

March 20, 2017

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