Behaviour Issues – Dog Anxiety

All our Training Programs incorporate elements of creating behavioural changes. When Learning, Training, and Listening to you reliably, is what you need, then consider our Core Training Programs.

When their basic obedience is not the main issue, when it’s something deeper: fear; dog anxiety; nervousness; old trauma; etc., that is affecting their behavior … we can help there too. We can provide Anxiety Answer Program Treatments for you dog.


The Dog Anxiety Answer Program

Sometimes our dogs have experienced things in the past that impact their ability to learn, listen or be comfortable in their surroundings. You’d love for your dog to be happy to play, but sometimes they are scared, anxious, nervous, or generally just not as calm or happy as you’d like.

It can be stressful for both you and your dog. That means you can’t have the freedom you would love to have to enjoy life with your dog because of how they feel.

We can help with all of that. Imagine, not being held prisoner by your dog’s fear because they are calm, confident, and much more relaxed. We can fix how all those old experiences have impacted how they feel and how they will now react in different situations.

That’s what this program is all about.

For the first time in BC, you have access to this ground breaking, proven therapy that we call Anxiety Answers therapy. Through this therapy, your dogs can release stress & tension held within the body (which can trigger many of the unwanted behaviors that you may be struggling with).

Once this stress is released, it does not return! Together, with proper training, we can address and eliminate so much of their anxiety, stress, fear-based behaviors, etc., giving you a happier, more content, relaxed dog. Not to mention that YOU’LL also be relieved and happier!

“My dogs NEVER just lounged together like this before their ‘spa’ week with you! Never.” – Karen

Dog Anxiety Answers Program

“It’s unbelievable, he’s much more relaxed, and not reacting to every little noise, anymore. The things that triggered him before having your treatments get little or no reaction now. It’s 100% improved the quality of life for all of us.” – Sue

(*These sessions are available to be incorporated into our Training Programs, or as stand-alone Treatment Programs, based on your preferences and needs.)


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Dog Anxiety Answers TreatmentTypically 1 hour appointments, in which we create a “present-moment” space to share with your dog. This practice allows us to take the dog, to what’s called a level-zero, or healing state. In this healing state they can release any stress, old trauma, fear, anxiety etc., that may be being played out in their behavior.

*A three week program is usually best; however we are happy to tailor sessions to your individual needs.

Sessions can be incorporated with our regular Training Programs or as stand-alone Treatment Programs.

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Whether it’s Training, Behaviour, or Health & Wellness, we’ve got you covered!

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