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All our Training Programs incorporate elements of creating behavioural changes. When Learning, Training, and Listening to you reliably, is what you need, then consider our Core Training Programs.

When training is not the main issue, when it’s something physical that is affecting their behavior, we can help there too. We can provide BEMER Treatment Sessions for you dog.

Is your dog uncomfortable or in pain, suffering from chronic ailments or recovering from some kind of injury, or surgery?  Maybe they’re getting up in years and struggle to keep fit and energetic?  

You’d love to improve your dog’s quality of life.  Seeing them sick or in pain is heartbreaking. This can be especially stressful and upsetting when we don’t know what to do to help them. Thankfully now you can, with BEMER!

This is perfect for families who want to help their dog increase their energy, mobility & vitality… as well as decrease pain, stress, tension, soreness & stiffness.  

This treatment increases blood flow, reduces injury recovery time, reduces inflammation and swelling and MUCH more.  

How does it work?

This therapy is called BEMER.  It is an electromagnetic therapy (sometimes referred to as PEMF therapy as well) that is designed to improve circulation in even the tiniest blood vessels, carrying more nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and immune cells throughout the body.

This means that the tissues, organs, and all the body’s cells are fed more, and waste products are removed.  Then their bodies can function properly!

These are flexible, typically half-hour appointments. During which the Bemer mat is placed on the floor (over sheepskin rugs) and your dog lays on it for 8-16 minutes. The mat has coils that create an electromagnetic field that improves the microcirculation and blood flow.

Most dogs settle into the mat within minutes and fall asleep or rest quietly for the rest of the session.  

Once they start to feel the benefits, dogs receiving regular treatments barely take the time to say a quick hello, before rushing to the mat!

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Typically 15-30 minute appointments, during which your dog lays on the Bemer mat, (on sheepskin rugs) for an 8-16 minute treatment. This non-invasive, no-side-effects, treatment can help us utilise the body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself. Often, being able to reduce if not eliminate, hard-to-tolerate medications, and unwanted side-effects.

Sessions can be incorporated with our regular Training Programs or as stand-alone Treatment Programs.

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Here’s what a recent client wanted to share about their Bemer experience…

Our beloved 13-year-old mixed breed dog, Google, has been receiving Bemer treatments from Olive for the last 7 days, and we are delighted with the results. Google was a very high-energy dog when he was younger (and occasionally still) and required a lot of exercise. He has chased many chuck-it balls, hiked many mountains, and jumped many barriers to bring us our reward and it’s taken a toll on his spine and neck.
About two years ago, he began experiencing serious pain in his neck, shoulders and back to the point that he would involuntarily and unexpectedly yelp loudly in response to very minor movements when he was laying down or rising.
We tried various medications through our vet, but painkillers have their own side-effects including gastro issues, and sedation and we were starting to wonder if we had any options to keep him with us with any quality of life. 
We knew Olive from training, and she suggested Bemer, and it has made a very significant difference not only in his physical comfort but also his emotional well-being.  (Google also had daily Present-Moment Healing sessions for that week).
He now comes to my desk again at around 5:00 wanting a toy or attention, he sleeps more soundly, he’s much more energetic in the morning and his visible limping and tenderness has disappeared unless we overdo it. We’re very pleased and will continue his treatments. We did our research on this, including with a specialist vet, and there seems to be no down-side, so we highly recommend it.
Karen Cook, Port Moody

This is a short video (5min) on how BEMER enhances microcirculation:

Whether it’s Training, Behavior, or Health & Wellness, we’ve got you covered!

Tell us about your dog and we’ll customize a program that will set you both up for success.