Evan & Jorden, Vancouver

March 20, 2017

“Olive’s program is excellent. 

We’ve gone through the Establishing Pack Leadership Program as well as the Pack-Leader Development Program and have learned a lot from both programs.

Olive’s enthusiasm is contagious and she was able to offer valuable insight into Maverick’s behaviour which enabled us to understand why he was taking the pack leader position.

Maverick’s behaviour improved almost immediately and his behaviour continues to improve to this day.

We went from having a dog that did not know the difference between sit and down to a dog that can obey a variety of commands. Maverick is a much more relaxed, obedient, and happy dog and we feel much more confident in our abilities as dog owners.

We enjoy taking him out much more now and even feel confident enough to let him run around off leash. Thank you, Olive, for teaching us how to have a relaxed, obedient, and happy dog which has also made for some very happy dog owners as well!