Linda & MAGGIE, Port Coquitlam

December 8, 2022

I would highly recommend Olive. My dog Maggie and I needed some help making us into the best team we could be. Maggie is not just my pet; she is my Emotional Therapy Dog.

Olive has a gift! She listens to your needs and can put together a program that helps you to bring out the in your dog. By being the Pack Leader, our dog needs us to be.

When I became the Leader, it let Maggie use her natural nature to become the Therapy Dog she was meant to be. Maggie is now welcomed anywhere I need her to go with me.

Maggie also needed Olive’s help because she was very nervous around big dogs, because one had been very aggressive with her. Olive gave me the tools to help Maggie lose this fear. She now has a new buddy in her life, thanks to Olive.