Dan and Kathryn, Delta

March 20, 2017

‘Olive came highly recommended from a trusted friend whose dog had great success under Olive’s care.  We had a 10-month old unruly, food-aggressive, destructive, energetic and out-of-control golden-shepherd X with dog-parents (us) who were lost. We were literally 1 night away from surrendering him to the shelter, something we never thought we would ever consider.

Olive swooped in, and after 1 session, we began to see such dramatic change in our beloved puppy that we had hope for the first time! Olive taught us how to establish not only us as adults, but our small children as the pack leaders; within 1 week we had a dog who was remarkably more settled, slept soundly, showed a complete absence of food aggression, would obey our 3-year-old without fault.

It gave us great joy to see that we were in the process of settling as a family unit. It continues to be a process, and we are so grateful (in fact, indebted) to Olive for changing our relationship with our sweet boy and affirming his rightful place in our family by teaching us, his owners, how to care for him in the best way possible. Thank you! We are loving life with our spunky, still energetic, but much more well-mannered man!!

Thank you, Olive!!