Agnes, Michael, and Baxter. Port Coquitlam

January 16, 2023

Thank you, Olive, for your expertise, guidance, and reassurance in training for Baxter and us. While we aren’t new to having dogs – you helped us become true pack leaders of our home, so that we could really get Baxter to be more behaved. As Baxter was a former street dog from Iran, you were so flexible and adaptable to the uniqueness of our situation and some of the behaviours he had. You also helped us see the error in our ways with our former dog and taught us the steps to take to ensure we don’t repeat those same mistakes. Thanks to your hands on, personalized training – we are much more confident pack leaders who have a much better-behaved doggy! Thank you so much for your expert dog training knowledge and preparing us with some key foundational tools to help us make Baxter the best-behaved doggy he can be!