Cheryl Johnston, Surrey

March 20, 2017

“We consistently did what Olive asked us to do and we got amazing results.  It takes work, but it is well worth it!!! 

Our dog was unpleasant to walk because she was constantly attempting to walk us and she developed issues with other dogs. Now she is easily manageable and we are all much happier. 

Olive realistically informed us about what to expect and she helped us through many ‘glitches’ we had between sessions when we didn’t know what to do in certain situations.   Her program is a lifestyle. 

I have gone through one other program before meeting Olive and it left me overwhelmed, frustrated and with very unrealistic expectations. 

I was beginning to believe there was something wrong with me, my dog or perhaps both!!  Then we met Olive. 

After meeting Olive, I very quickly began to have hope that our dog problems could be resolved, and they have. She has a genuine interest in helping families have a happy, healthy relationship with their dog.”

Thanks for everything!!