Holly Gracey, Port Moody

March 20, 2017

The phrase that it ‘takes a village’ comes to mind when faced with training a new puppy.

Although I was experienced in raising dogs in the past I wanted to secure a refresher for myself as well as make sure my family members were all on the same page.

After researching many trainers and methods I chose Olive, as her techniques were kind, supportive and realistic. She assisted me in seeing the underlying clues I may be sending my new pup which even I was not aware I was doing.

She also ensured that each of the family was involved in the process so that Bijou would feel confident in each of us as leaders.

Every time I am out walking now I see the issues that other dog owners are having with their canine companions and I never hesitate to recommend that they contact Olive. Raising a puppy is always a work in progress and we must remain consistent, calm and confident.

Olive’s guidance was instrumental in my having a well-balanced dog; which is a good thing as she turned out to be an 85-pound beauty! She is no longer the little one, but she has turned out to be gentle and friendly with both humans and canines alike, no matter the size or temperament. Thanks Olive for training me to be a good pack leader!