Tara Wolff, Coquitlam

March 20, 2017

“I signed up for the “Becoming the Pack Leader” program to help me deal with my three-year-old rescue pup who suffered with major insecurity issues and taking that course has truly changed the relationship I have with my dog for the better.  

While taking the “Becoming the Pack Leader Program” I learned many simple, yet effective methods of establishing leadership in my relationship with my dog which has, I am very happy to report, had a very positive impact. The more I establish myself as the leader the more relaxed and confident my little dog is becoming and I am thrilled with this transformation.

This course not only offers the opportunity to learn these methods and really “ways of being with your dog” but having the one on one time with Olive once a week in my own home was outstandingly helpful. Many thanks Olive for setting me straight on the path to leadership and helping my dog and I become the pack we were always meant to be!”   Thanks again Olive. I am truly grateful.

P.S. On a side note Cesar Milan came to town and my sister and I went to see him and I was so proud of myself that I could sit there in that audience and know that when he posed the question “are you the pack leader?” to the audience I could genuinely say “YES”. Felt good!