Adam Ostrow, Coquitlam

March 20, 2017

Olive is terrific.  Her approach is to teach the owner what they need to understand about how a dog sees the world – to get the results they want, just as much as to teach the dog(s).

She goes after more than just dealing with problem behaviors but explains the subtle signals you tell your dog whether you intend to do so or not. By changing the signals, we sent to the dog about leadership of the pack, we were able to go from a dog which was totally out of control to a well-behaved family member.

I would strongly recommend Olive and Doggy Do’s and Don’ts to anyone introducing a new pet to their home or for improvement in existing pets.

She is prompt and reliable, courteous and fun to be around. She lets you know what the costs will be without any surprises. The whole family looks forward to training sessions and seeing the improvement they bring. She also does boarding and daycare.