Explore Why Puppy Training Is a Must For Dogs

Dog training is a type of training for pets that employs behavioral analysis to alter the dog’s actions, both to help with particular tasks or duties and to thrive in modern family life. Puppy training stretches back to Roman times; educating puppies to be acceptable home pets began in the 1950s with suburbanization.

There are a variety of ways to train the dogs, and the trainers you choose would claim the best!  

So to make you understand in detail, in this blog, we will tell you the difference between private and public puppy training in Coquitlam, along with how to make your puppies enjoy those sessions.

What Are the Differences Between Private Puppy Training and Group Training Sessions?

Private puppy training in Coquitlam is a private lesson with a dog trainer in which you and the dog are the only participants. These private courses can be held at your home or at a dog training facility if your trainer has a physical site.  These lessons offer a high degree of planning freedom. 

Dogs are not subjected to a predefined syllabus; rather, your dog trainer will develop a custom routine for you and your dog according to the skills you wish to teach. 

These are perfect for those with hectic lives and for including the whole household in their dog’s training. There are lessons that go beyond the regular or generalized training sessions, depending on your dog’s traits and nature. Resource guarding, hostility, and fear-based behavior are examples of complex behavioral disorders.

But when you talk about the group puppy training in Coquitlam, these are planned sessions for multiple dogs and their owners, with one dog trainer per class. There are assistants, along with the main coaches, helping everyone in the class. 

They generally have a predetermined chart and curriculum that have the basic necessities any dog must be aware of and trained for. There are different signals they use and methods that keep your dogs in control!

How Do You Ensure Your Puppies Are Enjoying the Sessions?

Keep PatienceIf your puppy is small and has little patience, begin puppy training him for 5 minutes in the initial week and gradually raise the period of time you spend teaching him. If your puppy is very young, keep the exercises to no more than 15 minutes every day to avoid tiring him out. You have to keep up with your dog’s pace to make sure they gradually progress!
Be Persistent To properly train your dog, you must be consistent. Employing identical phrases and hand signs during every lesson can help the dog learn the basic cues quickly. If you utilize alternatives, your puppy might get confused and fail in the sessions. It is critical that you reinforce behaviors you want consistently. This continuation often offers more fun later. 
Pay close attention. Anything you do requires attention. If you focus clearly, then you understand the nuances they like or dislike. You will also notice the peculiar signs or ways your puppy responds to you during the training. Though the bond that has rhythm and harmony comes naturally, if you keep your focus less distracted, you will see the fun and excitement that you and your puppy can enjoy! 
Be Open Not every time you will get the desired results from the puppy training in Coquitlam. Sometimes you will find the pace slowing and even getting worse due to some internal issues your puppy is going through. You should be open to the good and bad and work with the trainer to find the root cause of the issue.


Puppy training is not a foreign concept if you look back in history. The only advancements are the types of training and the methods of adopting those trainings. 

With the advancement of society, Doggy Do’s & Don’ts always come up with a plan that suits your dog’s style and the latest trends that are fruitful for your puppy’s growth! So, what are you waiting for? Call us to learn more about how we help with puppy training in Coquitlam!