Dog’s Bucket List Adventure


Woman Takes Dying Dog on Bucket List Adventure
Lauren Fern Watt and her dog Gizelle

When Lauren Fern Watt found out her dog, Gizelle, had terminal bone cancer, she decided to spend the rest of her dog’s life making memories.

Watt, a travel writer and public relations professional in New York, created a bucket list with everything she knew her 160-pound English Mastiff would want to do before she died.

“I wanted to enjoy my last months with Gizelle and really cherish our life together, instead of focusing on being sad about the fact that she had cancer,” she told BuzzFeed.

The bucket list was filled with activities fit for a canine: road trips, canoeing and unlimited cuddle sessions.

On Jan. 6, the day before Gizelle died, Watt and her beloved pup went to Maine, where they ate lobster and spent time on the snowy beach.

Watt penned an emotional essay for Yahoo Travel, where she surmised that, perhaps, Gizelle was the one who was actually taking her on the trip of a lifetime.

“I was told Gizelle wouldn’t make it until Christmas, but in January we sat by the ocean in Maine as it snowed the day before she died. Part of me wondered if this was her plan all along, to take me on an adventure, knowing we’d end up on a deserted beach alone,” she wrote.

After Gizelle died, Watt shared her the news on Instagram: “I lost my best friend yesterday. Gizelle was the most sensitive and loving creature I’d ever known and words can’t explain how much I will miss her. We had many adventures together and I’ll carry her with me on more. Heaven has gained a beautiful doggy angel. Rest in peace, Gizelle.”


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