Puppy Head Start Program – Puppy Training up to 16 weeks

Puppy Headstart Puppy TrainingThis program is perfect for families who want to have the puppy they always imagined, right from the start!  You and your puppy will love this one on one puppy training program especially since you won’t be getting lost in the chaos of a group puppy class with limited attention from the trainer.

We’ll come to your home and teach you about how your dog thinks so you understand why they do things they do and how to get them to want to listen.

We’ll talk about solutions to any problems you’re having right now and how to prevent things like chewing , biting and jumping all over everyone when you don’t want them to and more! 

Your puppy will learn a lot of things that will make your life easier…

  • how to sit to say hello – no more jumping
  • how to walk with a loose leash – no more pulling on the leash
  • crate training a puppy – crate train early to make it a place they want to be
  • potty training and move away from pee pads

Program is typically completed in about 4 lessons in your home, and includes:

  • Teaching you how your puppy thinks, learns, and makes decisions!
  • Commands & behaviours so your puppy happily listens to you, like come, sit, lay down, stay and more.
  • Unlimited support by email, text, phone or FaceTime throughout the program anytime you have any questions at all.

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