Dream Dog Program – Ultimate Obedience

Dream Dog Program for Ultimate ObedienceThis program gives you the absolute best training experience and a lifetime of your dog listening every time – truly giving you all the freedom you want to enjoy your dog anywhere. Ultimate Obedience.

You’ll be able to take your dog with you to go absolutely anywhere and do everything if you’d like… sidewalk cafes, farmers markets, visiting friends, camping… even dog friendly work places!

…They’re with us for such a short time, with a ‘Dream Dog’ you can make every moment count.

This program includes more 1-on-1 time with your trainer, including out on trails and in public, to make sure your dog listens to you in any situation giving you ultimate obedience and a dream dog experience.

We’ll make sure they come when you call, sit and stay every time you ask – and we’ll also make sure all those bad behaviors are taken care of… no more jumping, excessive barking, chewing, or stealing things from the counters!

You also get unlimited support with this program, making sure everything you need for your dog’s behavior is covered, for your dog’s life.  Anytime you want to learn anything new, or anytime you feel like you need a refresher… we’re there!

Program is typically completed in about 12 lessons in your home & out in public/on trails, and includes:

  • Teaching you all the fascinating things about how your dog thinks, learns and makes decisions
  • Practice out in public so they listen to you around distractions and even off-leash
  • Commands & behaviors so your dog happily listens to you, like come, sit, lay down, stay, leave-it, off, watch me, wait, coming when called & more…


  • UNLIMITED lessons & commands!  We’ll come visit when you want to teach your dog something new. 
  • LIFETIME Support Guarantee. Never have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time! We’ll come back if you need extra help!
  • Up to 3 complementary sessions of a special therapy we offer to help dogs release pent-up stress, which helps the training go even faster

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