Best Buddy Quick Fix Program – Intermediate Obedience

Best Buddy Quick Fix Program - Intermediate ObedienceImagine your dog being an absolute joy to be around… at home and out and about.  Enjoy your ‘BEST BUDDY’ at home, on the trails or anywhere with our quick fix program for intermediate obedience! 

We’ll show you exactly what to do so you can share your life at home with a calm, relaxed dog who listens to you every time… even off leash. Your dog is off leash almost all the time at home, right? So, it would be awesome if your dog listened to you even when they don’t have a leash on at the park. Intermediate obedience is next on your list.

People on trails will tell you how well behaved your dog is. How well he listens to you even though he is off leash with other dogs around. When your dog listens to you every time, it sets you both free to share a lifetime of experiences together.

They will be happy to meet, greet and play along the way… but always ready to follow you when you call!

Program is typically completed in about 8 lessons in your home & out in public/on trails, and includes:

  • Teaching you the deeper levels of how your dog thinks, learns and makes decisions.
  • Commands & behaviours so your dog happily listens to you, like come, sit, lay down, stay, leave-it, off, watch me, coming when called & more.
  • Practice out in public so they listen to you around distractions and even off-leash!
  • Complementary session of a special therapy we offer to help dogs release pent-up stress, which helps the training go even faster.
  • Lifetime Support: Q&A – When you don’t know and need to ask a trusted professional.

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