Well Mannered Dog Program

This program is perfect for families who would love to be involved in training and just need some help with their dog’s manners around the house.

Right now, your dog might be jumping all over everyone or dragging you down the street on walks! Not quite what you signed up for when you decided to get a dog!

Imagine instead that your friends and family are telling you that your dog is the most well-behaved dog ever.  They happily listen to you… not jumping on anyone, not chewing, or barking like crazy, not embarrassing you when visitors arrive …

This is what we do – yes, even for your dog.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know and do day–to-day so your dog listens to you!

Program is typically completed in about 4 lessons in your home, and includes:

  • Teaching you all the fascinating things about how your dog thinks, learns and makes decisions!
  • Commands & behaviors so your dog happily listens to you, like come, sit, lay down, stay and more. 
  • Unlimited support by email, text, or phone throughout the program anytime you have any questions at all.

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