Our Daycare Services include:

As a Daycare member of our home, we can offer a level of care, flexibility, and customized services simply not available with a commercial facility. To provide the best care, we only take a maximum of 4-6 dogs at any one time!

A large, fully fenced garden for investigation and play; lots of companionship, lots of cuddles, praise and treats, are all included. Plus, shady spots and a pool for the hot days, and a covered area to lie and watch the rain on our wet days, are all enjoyed at our Daycare. (Cold wet days we are snug inside ;-)).

Our regular guests really love being able to renew old friendships as well as make new ones during their stay with us.

Because we know each dog, their temperament, play-style, energy level, preferences, any special needs etc., we are able select the best matches to share their days together.  So as everyone has the best possible time. 

Practicing waiting their turn, and taking treats ‘nicely’.  …everybody benefits! 

Everyone plays well together and are happy to share toys, treats, and affection.

We love providing our clients with the peace-of-mind that allows them to go to work, etc., worry free.  Knowing that their fur-babies: love being here; are getting the best of care; are getting ‘spoiled’ and pampered; are hanging with their friends; enjoying their own social day out, having fun while their folks are busy.

Our clients tell us, how much it means to them that they don’t feel guilty anymore having to leave their dogs while they go to work. Clients don’t feel worried or distracted on the job, and both they and their dogs are a happier, content, and more relaxed ‘Pack’, at the end of the day.  

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This program provides ‘Day-Care’ (in my home, walks, play-time, large fenced yard) plus two personalized training sessions each day, with ongoing interaction and positive reinforcement.

While your dog enjoys the companionship, exercise and fun of spending the day with us, we can provide basic obedience training; or customized behavioural training to meet your needs. Perfect for the owner who knows their dog needs training or has some issues that need work, but just doesn’t have the time needed to commit to training.

A half-hour appointment at the end of each week is required to show you what your dog has been working on and how to maintain consistency with training.

A three week program is usually best; however we are happy to tailor training to your individual needs.

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