Custom Boarding


For dogs not used to a kennel environment boarding can be a stressful time. If you are concerned about leaving your dog in a commercial boarding kennel while you’re away, then this service is the one for you.

As a welcome member of our home, we can offer a level of care, flexibility, and customized services simply not available with a commercial facility.

To provide the best care, we only take a maximum of 4-6 dogs at any one time! 

Our boarding packages include: insuring drop-off time allows for a feed, and bonding time on the day of drop-off – to eliminate any separation anxiety.   

We incorporate the familiarity of home as much as possible: feeding schedule; sleeping arrangements; daily routines; preferred activities; etc. A huge, fully fenced garden for investigation and play; lots of companionship, lots of cuddles, praise and treats, plus evenings in front of the fire and a massage before bed are all included.

Our regular guests really love being able to renew old friendships as well as make new ones during their stay with us.

Because we know each dog, their temperament, play-style, energy level, preferences, any special needs etc., we are able select the best matches to share their vacations together.  So as everyone has the best possible time.

Everyone plays well together and are happy to share toys, treats, and affection.

Practicing waiting their turn and taking treats ‘nicely’.  …everybody benefits! ?

We love providing our clients with the peace-of-mind that allows them go away worry free.  Knowing that their fur-babies: love being here; are getting the best of care; are getting ‘spoiled’ and pampered; are hanging with their friends; having fun and enjoying a ‘vacation time’ of their own, while their folks are away.

Our clients tell us, that being able to go away, either on vacation, or business etc., …and not having to worry about leaving their dog… is priceless!

We do understand, …it can make or break your trip. So please book well in advance for this service to avoid disappointment.